5 Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for a Fresh Look

It’s time for a kitchen backsplash update! Tile trends fluctuate as consumers experiment with materials, colors, and shapes. Nevertheless, these trends look good in the showroom but need to fit your kitchen aesthetic and needs. We’ve curated a few modern kitchen backsplash ideas to set you well on your way to the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you just want a refresher or are in desperate need to replace your century-old tile, we have a few modern kitchen backsplash ideas to inspire a total kitchen overhaul.

Get a Quick Home Makeover with These Modern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Hexagon Tiles

Rectangle tiles are no longer the industry standard! Freshen up your kitchen backsplash with intriguing geometric shapes. The hexagon-shaped tile is an interesting twist on the standard tile; however, does not distract the viewer’s eye from other intricate details that you’ve taken such great care to create.

Get the look:

The powder blue hexagon tile backsplash complements the white striated countertops. Style your kitchen with a similar Hexagon Sky Blue Glass tile. Even more, for more ornate countertops try a White Hexagon Glass tile.

Gun Metal

Gun metal is a gray, corrosion-resistant metal made of bronze and zinc. Even more, gun metal is a stylish and edgy accent that can add character to any kitchen. Don’t stop at gun metal! Unique Design Solutions have a wide range of other metal to choose from like aluminum, stainless steel, and antique copper.

Get the look:

Get the best of both worlds with this gun metal subway tile. Find this Gun Metal Subway tile and other gun metal options on Unique Design Solutions.

Mosaic Tiles

Can’t choose what tile is your favorite? With mosaic tiles, select from a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. No one mosaic tile is the same; in this case, you can create a custom backsplash to create a unique design to include glass, natural stone, metal or porcelain that match your kitchen decor.

Get the look:

This mosaic tile works well as a decorative accent trim to the classic subway tile. Locate one of Unique Building Concepts many authorized dealers that sell similar subway tiles. Complete the backsplash with an identical Pantagonian Steppe Random Linear mosaic tile.

Get the look:

If you are infatuated by mosaic stone, but still yearn for something more, than you might appreciate this Faultline and Fissure mosaic backsplash. This type of mosaic stacks a series of stone, glass, and steel together. View Unique Design Solutions selection of Faultline and Fissure tiles or inquire one of UDS’ authorized dealers to create a custom backsplash with your choice of stone, glass, and steel.

Turning Point

Turning Point tile is a simplistic yet creative way to bring renewed energy to your kitchen backsplash. This tile selection features the same clean-cut lines of a standard subway tile arranged into a chevron. Without overpowering the overall kitchen design, turning point tile adds an air of elegance and originality.

Get the look:

This classic tile has taken a turn for the better! Get this Sweet PeaTurning Point tile from one of Unique Design Solutions several dealers.

Linear Tiles

Linear tiles are easily a fan favorite for its for its effortless chic look. Even better, Unique Design Solutions can create your own unique linear tile to include your chosen tiles and materials.

Get the look:

This neutral linear backsplash adds character to a cool and collected kitchen. Contact Unique Design Solutions to get this beautiful mosaic linear tile made to order for your particular kitchen design.


These are just a few fresh looks that Unique Design Solutions offer. If you are on the lookout for something different, don’t hesitate to contact UDS for more modern kitchen backsplash ideas.

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