7 Creative Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

  The home bathroom—a place where most of us undeniable spend much of our time prepping for the day and having our greatest strokes of genius. Because it’s usually just you, yourself, and the vanity mirror in the bathroom, it makes sense to want to make the space as enjoyable as possible. So, why not create a place that gives off good vibes every time you enter? The simplest way to craft a happy place: start with a little remodel. Backsplashes are a simple fix to completely overhaul the look of a room. What’s more, mosaic tiles provide a durable barrier between moisture and the wall, so you can avoid water damage and stains while going through your daily routine in front of the mirror. Look at your backsplash more than yourself the next time you primp by making one of these bathroom vanity backsplash ideas come alive!

Freshen Up Your Bathroom With These Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

Button Tiles

Clean and simple, the circular button tile gives the vanity area an effortlessly light look. While neutral tones provide a bit of texture, a colored button mosaic backsplash will give the whole room a pop, instantly grabbing attention as you first walk in for some “me” time.

Get the look:

For a timeless, old world look, try a gray and white button backsplash across the entire bathroom wall. Dress it up with a modern sink and counter or opt for distressed woods and rustic accents to create a more country feel. For another fun option, try this mosaic by your pool! Find this Molokai Island porcelain and other neutral palettes on Unique Design Solutions.

Linear Tiles

As a great way to mix and match a variety of different textures, colors, and materials, linear tiles can complement almost any bathroom vanity. Smooth horizontal lines give off an organized, geometric feel.

Get the look:

This linear mosaic combines dark natural stone with more neutral tones for a backsplash that matches the sink and wood accents of the room. Find inspiration for similar patterns and combinations of linear tile on Unique Design Solutions. For a very particular look, you can also choose to customize your own linear mosaic with any materials and colors you desire.

Subway Tiles

The classic subway tile had its start in the New York City subway system over a century ago. It has since made its way into homes around the world and adorns bathroom and kitchen walls alike. When used behind a bathroom vanity, subway tile provides an easy-to-clean backdrop.

Get the look:

The large size of a 4” x 16” or 4” x 12” subway tile opens up a room when used along the walls and is a great option for smaller bathrooms. If you still want a backsplash without the busy feel, a light gray or neutral color will keep it simple and clean.

1” x 1”x Cube Tiles

Cube or square tiles have immense versatility in design potential. You can arrange them in a random array for a modern look or opt for a more organized, repeated pattern. The small size and attention grabbing designs provide a focal point to any bathroom’s sink area.

Get the look:

This look is a harmony of black to white gradient colors that contrast strongly to the otherwise sterile feel of the marble bathroom vanity. The bold 1” x 1” tile design gives off a trendy vibe that ties up the modern, up-scale motif. For a more muted look with stone and resin tiles, be sure to check out the Silver Mine mosaic. For something a bit different than the norm, you can tread off the beaten path to incorporate a vanity backsplash only around the mirrors. This look covers the entire vanity wall in stone to still provide a degree of protection. However, the colorful backsplash serves as an accent that brings out the rest of the vanity area. Looking for a similar pop? Browse other colorful mosaic square designs.

Mix It Up

Of course, there’s no need to settle for bathroom vanity backsplash ideas using a single design at a time. Sprinkle in a few different shapes and sizes to create more dimension in any bathroom space.

Get the look:

An organized mix of black mini subway tile and square 1” x 1” tiles covers the wall, dominating the room and dictating the theme on its own. The attention-grabbing effect goes well with the simple sink and counter of the vanity area.


If you’ve got a specific look and feel that you hope to achieve, then why not make your own? The possibilities are limitless when you create your own customized mosaic design.

Get the look:

By surrounding square tiles with small rectangular ones, this backsplash design gives a modern Mediterranean feel. The contrast with the solid wall and porcelain installments is what ties the whole room together.


The bathroom is just one of many rooms in a home that truly brings a decorative vision to life. If you’re looking for more than just bathroom vanity backsplash ideas, try exploring some mosaic kitchen backsplash trends and modern looks too! Unique Design Solutions crafts beautiful ready-to-order and custom mosaic tiles to embellish a home’s most loved spaces. Find an authorized dealer near you to explore decorative tile designs in person for your next remodel.

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