Guide to Mosaic Tile Shapes: When & Where to Use Them

Mosaic tile is a popular decorative option that most people appreciate; however, for the typical home remodeler, it is a tricky design to incorporate. In the end, mosaic tile is an interesting accent tile that can add charisma to a room. Or, its busy patterns can muddle the room design causing visual havoc. Avoid a messy debacle and determine which mosaic tile shapes are best for your home remodel job with these simple tips.

Mosaic Tile Shapes to Consider When Designing Your Space

The possibilities are endless with mosaic tiles shapes. Read about a few popular and up-and-coming shapes that are changing the way homeowners are making over their spaces. Shapes on our list include:
  • Mini Squares
  • Craftsman Squares
  • Button
  • Flowers
  • Ellipses

Mini Squares

Mini squares are ideal for those who have a tight space, but want to spice up the area. This mosaic is created with 1×1 glazed glass and stone chips—perfect for home designers with sharp attention to detail! As said before, this mosaic goes well in tight spaces as the intentional use of repeated colors can be mesmerizing. However, this tile can also be used for trim to accent a larger neutral subway tile.

Get the look:

Mini tiles are the perfect accent piece in a neutral room. Take this Trevi Fountain Offset mosaic, for example! The tile adds character to an otherwise bland area above the kitchen sink.

Craftsman Squares

The Craftsman Squares—also known as Refraction—are made up of an assortment of square and rectangular shapes. You won’t find a repeating pattern here! This hypnotizing mosaic is made from stone, glass, and metal. With this tile, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind look. Overall, Craftsman Squares can hold their own! Let this mosaic do the talking for you. Or, like mini tiles, pair this loud tile with a subdued neutral tile that complements material in the mosaic.

Get the look:

By and large, Empire Refraction is a standalone piece. Even against seafoam barstools and exposed brick, this mosaic tile tells a story of its own.


In contrast to the previous mosaic tile shapes, the floral mosaic shape is a soft and feminine option. This tile is created with a series of multicolored petals and completed with a single button tile. Even more, these glass tiles reflect light off of their surface to brighten the space. Its unique shape and diverse color palette make it a bold statement mosaic tile shape. Be wary of styling this tile with other bold mosaics, shapes or colors. The combination may be overwhelming.

Get the look:

The floral mosaic shape is an aesthetically appealing option for those who are interested in the fine details. In this case, the Begonia Floral Fusion is styled with a luxurious marble backsplash.


This posh mosaic combines the best of both worlds with stone and glass buttons. Even more, its glittering surface mimics the appearance of pearls. It should be high on the list for homeowners looking to revamp their home with a stylish mosaic tile. This dazzling mosaic tile shape is synonymous with a classic subway tile! Use this tile as you would use a subway tile.

Get the look:

Button tile can be used in a variety of places. Here, this pearly Somerset Button Field mosaic is used as an inlay in this wainscoting!


The last mosaic tile shape on our list, but certainly not the least, is an ellipse or oval shape. This tile is reminiscent of the button shape; however, holds its own. Typically, an ellipse mosaic is made with a combination of colored glass and stone. In addition, this shape is available as a brickset and herringbone. Don’t sell yourself short! Use this tile liberally to create an eye-catching kitchen or bathroom vanity backsplash.

Get the look:

This alluring Oxford Elyptic Brickset mosaic tile is a statement piece if we ever saw one. The darkly colored glass tiles contrast well with stone pieces to create an effortlessly beautiful mosaic wall.

Design Your Own Mosaic Tile Shapes

There are countless mosaic tile shapes on the market at the moment; however, the search for the perfect tile can be wearisome. If you haven’t found your dream tile, consider partnering with Unique Design Solutions to design a custom mosaic pattern! Unique Design Solutions’ tile experts hand make custom tile each day! This option is especially beneficial for those who want a specific pattern, color, or material incorporated into their design to achieve a certain look.

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