How to Choose the Perfect Backsplash: 7 Things to Know

A tile backsplash is often a personality piece that reflects the overall mood of the space. For this reason, the process of choosing a tile is meticulous and requires great attention to detail. Even more, it can often be the most difficult element to complete.

Learning how to choose a backsplash is fairly easy and, with a few tips, can spur creative insight. Thus, we’ve compiled a few things to know and consider when outfitting your room with a tile.

Learn How to Choose a Backsplash in 7 Steps

1. Contemplate room design: Color, shapes, textures, etc.

To start, take stock of the preexisting room design! Undoubtedly, the room your designing may have unique characteristics and a personality. For this reason, you should allow the room’s character and personality to dictate the tile. Do you have a rustic space that needs tiling or is it posh and modern? Consider the textures, colors, and shapes of your fine rugs, vases, paintings, etc. This first step will be the pinnacle in deciding the style of the tile.

2. Consider the space

Before you dive deep into researching the latest tile trends, take some time to consider your space. For example, small tiles are a unique touch for, especially small spaces. To illustrate, glass tiles can make a tight space, like a guest bathroom backsplash, appear bright and large. As said before, you should contemplate the room design. Nevertheless, to choose the best tile, consider the space and what is plausible.

3. Scrutinize area traffic

Considering the traffic that a tile may receive is a considerable step that any homeowner should take to define their tile needs. High-traffic areas should be affixed with tile that can withstand the wear and tear over time. Likewise, delicate tile may adorn low traffic areas. Overall, choosing a durable tile that fits the space’s needs can be a valuable step to choosing the perfect backsplash.

4. Choose a focal point

Allow a focal point to guide the design of the rest of the room. For instance, the eye is naturally drawn to two spaces in the kitchen—above the sink and stove. As an illustration, if you choose to create a striking kitchen stove backsplash, complement the tile with a secondary tile. In this case, creating a design around the primary element can prevent a clash of equally eye-catching tiles.

5. Match the tile design

For unsure home modelers, matching tiles is a safe tactic to create a visually appealing space. However, this may result in a dull look. Prevent this from occurring by matching colors and mixing materials! The different textures, as well as the way a material may reflect or absorb light, can create an intriguing eye feast.

6. Include Small Details

Small, intimate details can tie the room together and complete the look. A common detail that is easily accomplished is a simple trim tile. A complementary trim tile can play on the room’s accent colors and complement the base tile. An alternative idea is to mix and match tile with unique grout colors.

7. Create Your Own Tile

Choosing a tile for any backsplash project is deeply personal to your aesthetic. Sometimes, in this case, a tile straight from the shelf won’t cut it, and alternatives may need to be considered.

The tile experts at Unique Building Concepts construct a variety of mosaic tiles that are made to order. For this reason, you can create the backsplash of your dreams with your ideal tile material and colors. With this helpful tip, you don’t have to wonder how to choose a backsplash because you can make it yourself. Contact Unique Building Concepts to start your custom order and start designing!


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