Uniquely Oceanside

What do you get when you combine the best pool tile company, Oceanside Glass, with the best custom mosaic company, Unique Design Solutions, you guessed it, Uniquely Oceanside.  This collaboration of brands allows you to customize your pool tile before it shows up to the project.  Save time and money by having your designs factory created as opposed to using costly field labor.

The Uniquely Oceanside pool tile is smooth edge, double pressed, cast glass mounted sheets with plastic facing for easy installation.  While a favorite choice in pool and water feature installations, Oceanside Glass Tile is a chameleon collection featuring a variety of sizes and shapes to mirror any aesthetic style. From eclectic motifs to simple patterns, colors are freely translated through the design story to create your perfect look.

For an unparalleled design experience, use our Custom Pool Tile Mosaic Creator (see below) to create the ideal combination of shape and color for your personal expression.

Mosaic Creator