Splash in These Shower Backsplash Ideas

Showers are a sanctuary we retreat to daily to refresh, recharge and refocus. We start our days wrapped by its walls and sometimes even end it that way. On average we spend 9 important minutes in this space before we step out into our day.

Because of this it’s important to create a space that sets the tone and transitions you from a dream state to an invigorated state of ready for anything. Figuring out how you want your new shower to speak to you and your style is an important step. So, what are your options for shower backsplashes and what type of tile backsplashes for showers are popular?

Glass and Mirror subway tile has always been a popular option because of its sleek linear look, relatively cost-effective price tag and ease of application in wet environments. The most commonly used size of subway tile for shower backsplashes has always been 3×6 but recently the trend has been towards larger format glass subway tile like 4×12 and 4×16. These elongated tiles help any size shower feel a little more expansive. Subway tile also speaks to very clean lines in classic and modern looks with the larger size subway tile for your shower.

Bringing elements of nature into your shower space is another way to connect if the outdoors are important to your energy. One of the most powerful connections we have with water is the ocean and bringing the sea into your shower with Seashell Mosaics can set that vibe for you. Mother of Pearl seashell mosaics come in a variety of tile looks for your shower including square, linear, mini-brick, basketweave and chevron pattern. These are great to use for your entire shower or maybe just an accent strip to give that little extra personal touch and luxury.

Natural stone mosaics provide a feeling of being grounded. The most common natural stones to use in your shower are Marble and Travertine. These will provide you an array of earth tones with the most popular colors ranging from white, beige, brown, grey and black. Natural stone mosaics offer a huge variety of styles. Utilize black and white marble to get a classic and luxurious look or use a mosaic with tumbled Travertine to bring in more of a rustic vibe.

Find that right balance in your shower with a combination of natural stone and glass mosaics. This brings the sleek look and depth of glass tile together with the raw beauty and feel of natural stone tile. The addition of the glass also provides the ability to incorporate a variety of accent colors that are not found within the earth tones in natural stone. Mosaics are a unique option for your shower pan along with your shower surround to achieve that wow factor.

Go green and feel even better with 100% Recycled Glass mosaics. Our top choice is a unique sized round mosaic that makes for an amazing shower floor as well as wall. This is a great option to replace those pebble shower pans creating a clean, modern look with a great feel to the touch.

And WAIT!!! Did somebody mention Pools? While it’s a big topic, (look for a pool blog soon) a mention here is worthwhile. Keep in mind that all of the products made in the USA by Unique Design Solutions are pool rated and ready for the sun and fun.

Jump in, the water’s fine… and the pool deck is awesome with a recycled glass mosaic in the color of your choice. Your pool, your imagination… Design Without Limits!

Whatever it is, find your style and create a space you enjoy every day. Let your shower help set your tone!


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