Step inside the home of HGTV Design Star, Donna Moss

Step inside the home of HGTV Design Star, Donna Moss. Known as the “Queen of Bling,” see how she used custom glass and stone mosaics designed with Unique Design Solutions to live up to her name.

Bling being the name of the game it was natural for Donna to work with metallic back painted glass mosaic chips. Utilizing the color palette of our Somerset Field of Buttons mosaic as a starting point, which provides a blend of glass and marble in gold, blue, white and diamond colors, the idea was to make the backsplash twinkle like jewelry.

To create a one-of-a-kind backsplash as the focal point of a grand one-of-a-kind Texas kitchen Donna imagined two designs. The first design being a simple customization with a blended penny round mosaic, wrapping the majority of her Texas sized kitchen. To make the colorway fit perfectly with the “Queen of Bling” vibe Donna removed the rose gold color chip from our Somerset mosaic and replaced it with more blue chips to find the exact right balance. This allowed her to perfectly fit the colors of her backsplash to her kitchen and let the metallic gold in the mosaic shine when paired with the gold hardware used throughout her kitchen.

This customization is something that we offer all of our customers with our Imagination Made to Order mosaics.  With interchangeable chips to customize color and material you have the ability to create a one of a kind mosaic for your home, maybe just not with the design eye of Donna Moss though.


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