Tile Trend: Incorporating Color with Natural Stone

by Rachel Moriarty

I was out and about yesterday picking up natural stone slab samples for a kitchen project that I’m working on and started thinking about how magnificent the natural materials that we use in our homes are! I started thinking about the number one question I get asked by not only clients but people in general. The big question is, how to incorporate color with natural stone – especially when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens.


To me, the answer is an enthusiastic,¬†YES, you can! You know who does it best? Just look to Mother Nature! Mother Nature is a fierce color mixer! I don’t think that she overthinks it either and she’s not only bold with her color but just look at how the shapes and patterns blend together! I pulled some images from the beautiful Arizona desert as an example. Nothing seems out of place in any of these photos. You have red rocks, blue sky, purple sky and various shades of green! Even the bright yellow VW looks perfectly at home in this setting. As a Brand Ambassador for¬†Unique Design Solutions, I want to share a couple of examples of their natural stone mosaic tile blends. The two featured here are called¬†Metropolis Mosaic¬†and¬†Pelican Bay.¬†Metropolis¬†features a mix of natural stone, glass, metal and copper. ThePelican Bay¬†Mosaic features glass, seashell and natural stone.


I’m a Visual Storyteller. I do¬†a lot¬†of listening when I’m working with my clients. I never know where their passions lie. It could be the desert, the tropics or that expansive feeling you get on a road trip. By the way, anyone else have a little wanderlust right now?

I love how you can incorporate the colors that you might see on a road trip into the desert translated in these two mosaics, Gold Shimmer and Iron Ore Richter. TheIron Ore Richter Mosaic features natural stone, glass, metal and copper in a graphic herringbone pattern and theGold Shimmer Mosaic features glass, natural stone and metal. I can totally imagine using these in a bachelor home, a man cave or sleek and sexy speakeasy bar.


When I was first introduced to Unique Design Solutions, they were primarily a natural stone company looking to incorporate Color Solutions, a Color Lab where get to put your lab coat on and experiment with various shapes of glass tile and natural stone mosaic chips, add your own color and see it rendered in seconds!

My inaugural curated color collection was specifically selected to blend and enhance their existing natural stone selection. These colors are already preloaded for you in the Mosaic Creator for you to experiment with.

Who doesn’t love a little Palm Springs vibe? I used the retro vibe you find throughout Palm Springs to create these custom blended mosaics using the Mosaic Creator. Here, I took classic mosaic shapes like squares, penny rounds and elliptical shapes to create these fun custom blended mosaics. I encourage you to Design, Play and Create using the Mosaic Creator app – it’s addicting, in the best way!

If you’re a designer, we invite you to sign up as a Trade Pro. Unique Design Solutions is a diverse blend of innovators, artisans, craftspeople, and service professionals. Their state-of-the-art factory is located in Phoenix, Arizona, thus all of the beautiful desert inspiration in today’s post!


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