Top 2019 Kitchen Backsplash Trends to Inspire Your Remodel

With 2019 well underway we’ve seen a variety of backsplash trends forming. With a select few surging forward as fan favorites we’ve compiled a list of a few popular options. Whether you are trying to keep up with the Joneses or need inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel, take a look at these top 2019 kitchen backsplash trends.

Don’t Miss These 2019 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Bold Antique Copper

Make a statement with a bold antique copper backsplash! You’ll marvel at how this kitchen backsplash catches and reflects light against its shiny surface. The history of copper in room design and construction can be traced back centuries. Overtime, copper has gained a reputation for its durability, corrosion resistance, and prestigious appearance. As a result, copper is the perfect material for indoor and outdoor kitchen backsplashes. Ultimately, copper found its way onto this 2019 kitchen backsplash trends list because of its functionality and appealing aesthetic.

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This Antique Copper backsplash is an attention grabber for those who want their backsplash to pop. Achieve this look with an Antique Copper Mosaic tile. Even better, try an Antique Copper Nickel Mosaic tile to add interesting shapes and depth to your kitchen backsplash.

Classic Subway Glass

Trends come in and out of style, but one kitchen backsplash tile continues to remain a fan favorite – the classic subway glass tiles. Unsurprisingly, subway tiles appeared first in subway tunnels. At that time, the shiny white tiles were a welcome sight to travelers and contrasted against the often dirty underground environment. In addition, the tiles reflected light well making the cavern appear brighter. With a wide-range of colors and material, subway tiles fit with ease into any kitchen backsplash remodel. Take a look at how and where you can get this look, below!

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This timeless subway tile accentuates the clean cut lines of the kitchen without overpowering other unique features. Get this classic White Subway Glass look on from one of Unique Design Solutions nationwide dealers.

Beach-Inspired Backsplashes

Hang low with a beach-inspired backsplash! Take a trip to the coast every time you step into your kitchen with a North Shore backsplash. This beach-inspired backsplash is a combination of glass, and marble tiles to create a mosaic reminiscent of a sandy beach. Emulate the beach of your dreams with a variety of material combinations. Whether you’re living in a concrete jungle or enjoy fair views of the ocean, make a splash with a North Shore backsplash.

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This North Shore backsplash features a blend of dark and light tiles. Contact one of Unique Design Solutions authorized dealers to get a similar backsplash like Black Sand Beach 2By Basketweave tile.

Metallic and Shiny Finishes

Step outside of your comfort zone with a metallic and shiny finish! If you’re looking for a tile finish to take your outdated tile to the next level, look no further. As homeowners and designers become more experimental with different finishes, we have seen a steady trend of more metallic and shiny finishes.What makes this trend special? These finishes add pizazz to any color or material. This can be applied to any of our former trends! Say hello to your new kitchen backsplash! Find out how you can style this look below.

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This is a statement wall if we’ve ever saw one! Get the look with this Brushed Stainless Steel Windmill Mosaic. Take this daring look up a notch with a Brushed Stainless Steel Geometrix Mosaic.


Which 2019 kitchen backsplash trends are you excited to remodel your kitchen with? If you didn’t see one that piqued your curiosity, stop by Unique Design Solutions’ Inspiration page to find the kitchen backsplash that sparks your interest.

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