Trader Education

We want to equip you with the tools and support to be successful with our product line.

As a dealer, you know the challenge… your team must fully understand each and every product line in your showroom – Not to mention each supplier’s way of doing business. At Unique Design Solutions, we make it simple.

We supply two distinctive product lines: Ready Ship Solutions and Mosaic Design Solutions.

Ready Ship Solutions feature a wide variety of unique designs, accessible price points, and innovative materials – including mirrors, metals, glass, and seashell. These products are readily available and we are ready to pick, pack and ship your order daily. Typically, orders received by noon our time ship that same day via UPS.

Mosaic Design Solutions are handcrafted at our factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Products within this collection are adorned with an American flag sticker to indicate that they are proudly made in the USA and all product codes begin with the number ‘8’. We offer hundreds of attractive house blends across a variety of patterns, but because these products are made to order, they can also be customized to fit a specific client or project. Let’s say your customer “likes” one of our unique house blends but would love it if they could remove, add, or change a color or material…Our answer? No problem. At UDS, we have a “pantry” of interchangeable “ingredients” to make the perfect “recipe” every time. If you see the same size chip in another Imagination blend you can use it! And since these products are made to order you never have to check stock.

Our digital Mosaic Creator is the evolution of our Made-to-Order customization that puts all of our patterns and chip options right at your fingertips, allowing you to design a custom mosaic from scratch, play with our house blends, and create something amazing in an easy to use interface. Standard production time for all of our Imagination Made to Order products is just two weeks and expedited production is available. 

We have also incorporated QR codes onto the back of our point-of-sale labels to make product information readily available to your sales team and customers. This provides quick and easy access to product specifications, installation photos, and other color ways within a collection.

As a dealer, you also want peace of mind regarding the condition of your order – knowing that it will arrive intact and ready to install. At UDS, we invest in our packaging technology to ensure this is the case. And remember, our simple shipping program means any order you place over $200 ships at no additional cost, and any order under $200 is just a flat $20 – so shipping is never a variable you and your sales team have to worry about.

We have a dedicated support team on site and ready to assist with any inquiries. 

When you’re ready, send us your purchase order via email or fax. Sorry, we can’t take orders over the phone.

Then you can sit back and wait for your order confirmation, which will include your UPS tracking number.

We value you as a dealer and want to equip you with the tools and support to be successful with our product line. At Unique Design Solutions, we believe there is no excuse for an ordinary design, so be Unique. 

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